Understanding Sign Materials Serving the North America

Sign Systems Inc in Marysville, Washington, offers a variety of options and sign materials to meet all of your particular signage needs.

Acrylic is an extremely versatile signage material, with many applications and qualities, including:

• Usable for Interior
  & Exterior Signage
• Highly Durable
• High-Quality Appearance
• Available in a Variety of Colors
• Comes in Glare & Non-Glare Finishes
• Can Be Illuminated Internally
• Great for Architectural Signs
• Suited for Permanent Retail Signs
• Ideal for Menu Boards
  & Trade Show Signs
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Designed primarily for outdoor applications, aluminum is lightweight, sturdy, available in a variety of colors and thicknesses, and is not susceptible to rust. For exterior signage like door numbers, gate signs, and directional and traffic signs, you cannot do better than aluminum.
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Tuff-Weave Banners
Our tuff-weave banner material is extremely durable. It is well-suited for interior and exterior usage because of its flexibility and weather-resistant capabilities, which also make for easy storage and shipping. The material's strength allows holes to be cut for windy areas. This is an economical way to advertise special events, promotions, and grand openings.
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Dibond® Material
Dibond is a light-weight, rigid, and durable aluminum-composite material that consists of two .012" aluminum sheets bonded to a thermoplastic core. Dibond can be cut by a hand saw, router, table saw, power saw, or shear and is perfect for a variety of signage applications, including:

• Interior & Exterior Signage
• Exhibit & Display
• Large-Format Digital Printing
• Electrostatic Printing
• Photo Mounting
• Screen Printing
• Kiosk & Food Cart Signage
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Matte-Finish Expanded PVC
Sturdy, lightweight expanded PVC comes in a variety of colors, and its matte finish reduces glare, making for easy readability. Expanded PVC can be cut into three-dimensional letters for indoor and outdoor use, if UV-coated. For a glossy finish, we also offer Sintra®-topped expanded PVC.
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Lightweight, durable, and economical, styrene has a variety of signage uses, such as temporary point-of-sale signage and trade show direction displays.
It has a flat surface and accepts vinyl graphics and paint such as silk screen. It only comes in white, and it can therefore be used in conjunction with paint to achieve brilliantly colored backgrounds.
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Magnetic signage is flexible and easily removable. It is perfect for signs on multi-use vehicles. This product is ideally suited for vehicles which you do not want to permanently mark. Magnetic signage is weather resistant and, with proper care, suitable for long-term exterior use.
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Ultra Plus Board & Ultra Aluminum
Ultra Plus Board is expanded PVC mounted to a foam core. This lightweight material is rigid enough to hang large graphics from ceilings.  Ultra Aluminum can be shaped by a router for three-dimensional letters and is good for indoor or outdoor signage. It is available in polished or brushed chrome and polished or brushed gold.
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